About Us

SMMAC is proud to be one of the oldest chartered Model A Clubs in the world. We enjoy a strong membership base and are active with events and outings throughout the year. SMMAC encourages a fun family atmosphere and welcomes Model A drivers both young and old. Through our events and outings, we support local community charitable causes and organizations.

2018 SMMAC Officers

President Bob Helsel (865) 691-3737
Vice President Bill Snyder (865) 365-1029
Secretary Linda Varady Carol Baxter
Treasurer Shirley Webber

Board Members

2018 & 2019
Ken Lund (865) 966-1993
Tim Johnson (865) 640-6369
Vic Varady (865) 983-5515
2019 & 2020
Charlie Currier (865) 776-0088
Frank Trent (865) 235-4191
Ben Webber (865) 938-0204
Newsletter Editor John Baxter
Tours Vic & Linda Varady
Coorespondent Bob Helsel (865) 691-3737
MARC & MAFCA Director Bill Snyder (865) 365-1029

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